Update On Our Brethren Around The World
By Bill Goff
       Greetings Brethren,

       I hope this letter finds all of you in good spiritual health.  I recently returned from a very inspiring trip to E. Africa after keeping this year’s feast of Tabernacles with a number of our brethren from both Kenya & Tanzania.  And would like to update you on their condition and on what our Creator has been busy doing with His church as we all patiently await His return.  There is much light that can be shed here that will give us a much clearer picture of what is transpiring in the church of God all around this world.

       First of all, we need to be thanking our Creator for all that He is doing with His church.  Yes, with His church, with those who have not only heard the Father’s call but are busy at work answering that high calling.  God’s true brethren are few and far between; Jesus calls them His “little flock” but thank God, they’re out there, and if your not aware of it, God is very active with those members of His church who are busy about their Fathers business, and He’s bringing those brethren closer & closer to perfection.  Yes, Perfection.  But before we elaborate on that, let’s look and see some of what transpired over there in E. Africa where a number of brethren congregated to keep this years feast of tabernacles, because it will help us better understand the condition of God’s church globally.

       It was a tremendous blessing from God and a real treat for many of our brethren to be able to meet together for this years feast.  I’m sure some of you already know, life in that part of the world is very difficult, poverty prevails.  The unemployment rate in Kenya alone is 90% and our brethren living in Tanzania are even poorer. But don’t think for a moment that our brethren over there are sluggards or don’t work, because they are very hard working peasant farmers, cultivating the ground and growing their crops, and mostly by hand.

       Living in that part of the World gives one a whole lot more fervency when praying: “Give us this day our daily bread” because when the weather cooperates and the rains come in due season, their crops grow well and they eat.  But when the rain doesn’t come, they don’t eat very well.  Unlike most of us living in the wealthier Countries, all of our brethren over there in E. Africa know exactly what it feels like to go to bed hungry.  Currently I am receiving more and more reports of some brethren going a day or two per week without food.  And as the weather continues to be more and more sporadic and unfavorable for growing crops as we approach the end of this present evil age, and the birthing pains of the millennium continue to increase, life will become ever harder for everyone.

       Brethren, we are living in a time when it is very important for the true members of the body of Christ from around the world to become more and more united.  And that was the theme that God inspired for this year’s feast of Tabernacles over there in Kenya.

       The brethren that congregated in Mombassa, uniting with each other for this year’s feast of Tabernacles were from many different church backgrounds.  Many were previously associated with a number of the larger splinter groups of the WWC, and some were previously members of the Seventh Day Adventist church (SDA).  But all in attendance were very much of the same mind; and they all had a Hugh appetite for spiritual food and Biblical truth.  We had two services each day, and then found ourselves Bible studying each evening till near midnight at one another’s cottages.  It was wonderful.

       Many members in the churches of God from around the World are hoping for unity in the church, hoping that we could some day be working together with no confusion, no disputing, no bickering, backbiting or contempt.  But most don’t seem to realize that kind of unity is already transpiring and beginning to flourish amongst many of God’s brethren all around the World.  But as we discussed at the feast of Tabernacles, unity comes from being of the same mind, and for us in the church of God to be properly united and to be properly working together with no confusion, no disputing, no bickering, backbiting or contempt, we not only have to be of the same mind brethren, but we all have to be of a “particular” mind!

       I’m sure we are all familiar with Amos 3:3 Can two walk together, except they be agreed?   No, we cannot walk together brethren unless we are agreed, unless we are of the same mind.   But brethren we have to be carefully of which mind we are.  As the church of God, we have to have a “particular mind” dwelling within us in order for us to be properly united and properly working together in unity now, and eventually be dwelling together in unity for eternity in the Kingdom of God.

       When we were walking through the streets of Nairobi (The Capital City of Kenya) we noticed that there were two men following us.  Those two men were in unity with each other; yes, they were of the same exact mind.  But make no mistake about it, there mind was not a good one, they were looking to rob us.

       Now in order for us in God’s church to be properly united together now, and eventually be dwelling together for eternity in God’s Kingdom, we have to have a particular mind within us brethren, and that particular mind is the mind of God.  Like the Apostle Paul tells us in Phil. 2:5: “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus” That mind comes from following the right person, from adhering to His correct teachings and from walking in the correct ways, His ways, Not man’s ways.  Jesus is the chief corner stone, not any man.   He is the One that we are to conform to Eph. 2:20, 1Pet. 2:6.  Remember, man is corruptible.   Nowhere in the Bible are we ever told to “follow” any man.  And that’s quite understandable just by its definition alone.

       Webster’s New World College Dictionary renders “follow” as to go along, to accept the authority of, to obey, yield to, or to advocate the ideas, or opinions of those followed. Brethren, do you realize that this sums up the problems in the churches of God in a nutshell?

       The majority of the brethren in the churches of God are following men. Yes, following men and going along with their many different ideas, no matter how contrary to the Scriptures their ideas are.  Many have been accepting the “authority” of those men, even though in many cases, they have no such authority.  Many brethren have been obeying, yielding to, and advocating the ideas and opinions of men, rather than God. No wonder the “church of God” is in shambles!

       That’s why all the confusion – That’s why all the Disunity & Chaos – That’s why the lack of Love.  Look at all the different groups out there that are looking to and following different men, men with many different ideas that are going in many different directions.  It’s another classic case of: “The Blind Leading The Blind.”

       Brethren, let us not be ignorant.  There is only one destination that can be reached when the blind are leading the blind, The Ditch!   Mt.15. 14 - Lk.6:39. Nowhere in the Bible brethren, are we ever told to follow men.  There are a lot of ministers who will teach that you should follow them “as” they follow Christ.  Many misguided ministers quote 1 Cor. 11:1 and then state “Follow me” just as I also follow Christ.”   The truth is that we should not follow any man, but Jesus only.  The King James Version “incorrectly” uses the word follow.  The Greek word here is “mimetes” and it means imitator. 

       Imitating someone is quite different that following someone. Webster’s New World College Dictionary renders “imitate” (The correct word that Paul wrote) as to seek the example of, take as one’s model or pattern, to mimic, or resemble.  This rendering denotes becoming like Jesus, and could be used by Paul in that as long as he conducted himself in a Christ-like manner, then those who saw his actions could learn by example.  What a big difference that is from follow.  Sadly, many members of God’s church are continuing to ignorantly following men, men who are leading them astray, and at an alarming rate.

       But not all in God’s church are continuing to blindly follow the blind.  Some brethren have their eyes and ears focused on the true head of the Church, Jesus Christ.  Those listening to and following Him will never end up in the ditch.  They are His Sheep that hear His voice.  Following That particular Shepard brethren can only produce good fruit, and the right kind of fruit with the right kind of love’ Yes, love that is void of bickering, backbiting and contempt.  And let us not forget for a moment that good fruit is exactly what The Father requires of all of us, and there are dire consequences for all those who are not productive Lk. 13:6-9, Lk 19:26.

       Thanks to that love, concern, and support of those few brethren from around the world who have been helping our poorer brethren in E. Africa survive during these hard times that they are going through; we were able to congregate together for this year’s feast of Tabernacles with brethren of the same mind from many different areas and backgrounds.

       Yes, That Agape Love that only comes from the Father Himself has been flowing through some members of the body of Christ.  And it takes spiritual growth on a brother’s part in order for that powerful Agape Love to flow.  It originates from the Father, flows into the member, and then back out again.  I myself haven’t seen this Love flowing in God’s church since 1991 when a few brethren began meeting together after leaving the WWC when that organization was compromising and changing its doctrines.  At that time, those who began leaving that physically organized church were standing up for Truth, and most importantly, they were “looking to” and “following” the one and only Head of the church Jesus Christ Himself.  They were part of His sheep, the ones who hear His voice and follow Him.

       God’s Holy Spirit was flowing quite well back then brethren, as we separated ourselves from the chaos and confusion and began to unite with those of like mind.  Our Sabbaths back then were wonderful.  The brethren would arrive a little worn down from a hard week of dealing with the ways of this untoward world.  But they left Sabbath services totally refreshed, inspired and exhilarated.  No one was jockeying for position or lording over anyone else.  We were coming together in the unity of the spirit, and allowing Christ Himself to lead us.  Yes, God’s Spirit was flowing back then and it was wonderful.  But it didn’t last long, soon other men who had incorporated their own organized groups managed to step in and take control.  It was the typical scenario of some of those larger groups, you know their typical MO.  They would wave their “credentials” around stating that they were the ordained ministers, and that God was working exclusively through them.  Then they would begin to appoint their own lieutenants to lord over the brethren, (exactly what Jesus said NOT to do.) Luke 22:25-27. 

       Yes, they were quite busy making some apostles, some elders, some pastors and teachers.  But they didn’t seem to realize that that was the Fathers department; He does the calling and appointing.  He places the members into the different positions in His church “As it hath pleased Him” 1Cor: 12:18, 28.  Soon they managed to quench that spirit that was previously flowing, and they took many brethren back into captivity.

       Now don’t get me wrong brethren, I’m not saying that all the groups out there are like that, and I’m not saying that the men that are heading the many different hierarchal groups out there are not sincere, because many of them are very sincere.  But that doesn’t make them right, and that doesn’t produce the proper unity.  Instead it has produced the chaos and confusion that prevails throughout much of the church today.  You see brethren; some of these men just don’t seem to comprehend that God is the One who needs to be in charge.  God is the one who appoints the members into the different positions in the church, as it pleases Him.  And they don’t seem to realize that we already have a Head of the church of God, Jesus The Christ Himself already holds that position.  They need to learn and understand that Jesus is Alive and well. Yes, risen from the dead nearly two thousand years ago, and still alive today, and quite capable of leading His church.

       Brethren, we are commanded to live by every word that proceeded out of the mouth of God, but many times we are lacking in some very important areas, like where we are told:  Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needled not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth 2 Tim. 2:15. Truth brethren, is what sanctifies us.  It’s what sets apart the true members of the body of Christ.  And the Bible, the word of God is where we find the truth.  No matter what is being taught, no matter what is being said, one always needs to search the Scriptures and verify it with the Bible the Word of God.  If it’s truth, it’s provable with the Bible brethren, If it’s not truth, it’s not provable Jn. 17:17, 2 Tim. 3:16, 1 Tim 3:15.

       Due to a number of false doctrines that are continually being taught in the church by the many false teachers and the lack of the brethren studying to rightly dividing the word of truth, many brethren have been led to believe that we cannot know or understand all truth now.  Many in the church have been led to believe that the correct doctrines will not be available to us or properly understood until Jesus Christ himself returns.  But that thinking is not true brethren and is not only contrary to the Scriptures, but has caused many in the church of God to stop growing spiritually.

       On the last night that our Lord and Savior was alive physically, He was busy instructing His disciples about many things, He had much to tell them.  And there was much more that He needed to say and teach them, but at that time they were incapable of hearing anymore Jn. 16:12.  The disciple’s at that time could not comprehend the rest of what Jesus needed to tell them.  But He did plan to continue teaching His disciples the rest of the story, the rest of the truth at a future time Jn. 16:13.  He was going to communicate with them, and He was going to lead them into “ALL” truth.  Yes, “ALL” truth.  He was even going to show them “things to come” But He was going to do it by a different means this time, He was going to do it through and by the power of the Holy Spirit.

       Brethren, Jesus is speaking to, and teaching His disciples today.  Yes, He is continuing to lead His disciples into “ALL” the truth.  He is even showing them things to come.  But in order for us to be hearing Him, in order for us to know and comprehend what He wants to teach us, we have to be connected directly to Him Spiritually, because He is communicating to His church, to His Ekklesia, to His disciples, directly through the spirit of God.

       The true church of God is a Spiritual organization brethren, not connected or divided by any physically incorporated group of men.  Membership within the church of God depends totally, yes, “totally” on whether or not one has the spirit of God dwelling within him, and leading him Rom. 8:9, 14.  Want to be in the correct church?  Jn. 14:23, Jn. 14:15.

       There is another very important instruction given to us to perform that has been grossly ignored by many brethren.  And it’s the way we can discern whether one has the spirit of truth, or the spirit of error: “Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world” 1 Jn. 4:1.

       Don’t be deceived by the many false and deceived men who have infiltrated the church of God who do not believe that Jesus came in the flesh, because they are of the spirit of error.  They are of the world and therefore speak from the viewpoint of the world 1 Jn 4: 1-6.  Brethren, there are many leaders in the church today, who are of this spirit.

       The men of that spirit of error are of antichrist.  And they have infiltrated the church of God and are continuing to cause division and disunity amongst many of our brethren from around the world as they continue to lead many astray with their fables and false teachings, causing members to loose sight of their high calling, to loose sight of becoming united in the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ Eph. 4:13.

       Many members of the church of God have been incorrectly led to believe by those men with the spirit of antichrist, that perfection is not within our reach as long as we are mere physical men.  Many teach that perfection cannot be achieved until our change over from physical to spiritual.  That kind of incorrect thinking is causing many brethren to back down on their fight for perfection.  One leading COG minister who possesses that spirit of antichrist stated to his large congregation that we do not need to be concerned about our everyday sins, you know, (he went on to say to his followers) the everyday sins that we all commit.  He told his followers that they would all be committing those everyday sins right up to their change over from flesh to spirit, and don’t have to worry about those sins now.  But that is incorrect and contrary to the Scriptures brethren.  We are commanded to come out of sin, now and to become right with God, now. 1Cor. 6:9-10, 1Cor. 15:33-34, Gal. 5:21, Eph 4:26, 1 Jn. 2:1, Ezek. 18:4, 18:20, and many more.  WE are firstfruits brethren.  Our time to develop “Holy Righteous Character” The Character of Our Father, is now.

       Our God, our Creator is a perfectionist, and He’s going to present to Himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but one that is holy and without blemish like we are told in Eph. 5:27.  The church age “IS” coming to a close brethren, and Time “IS” running out for us in God’s church to choose life instead of death.  Remember, God is no respecter of persons.  The path that leads to life is a straight & narrow path.  But few there be that find it Matt. 7:14.  Are you part of the few brethren?  Or are you part of the Many?  The majority still insists on going with the flow, and that current, brethren (the ways of this world) is growing stronger & stronger.  Like the undertow that reeks havoc amongst many swimmers when caught up in it.  Make no mistake about it, no matter what it takes, you have to get out of that powerful flow because it leads to only one place, destruction Mat. 7:13, Matt. 9:43, Mt. 5:30.

       Soon our Lord and Savior will be returning to meet His brethren in the clouds and those who are ready, or to properly quote it “Those who have made themselves ready” will be going into the marriage supper Rev. 19:7-9.   But make no mistake about it brethren; those who have not made themselves ready will not be going into the marriage supper and the door will be shut Matt. 25:10.  Men like to tell us, and assure us, that as long as we remain in their group, in their church, under their thumb, as long as we pledge our allegiance to them we will be there.  But that is another one of the many fables that they teach, and is just as non-scriptural as the postponing of God’s holy days.  Many things that man teaches are contrary to the Scriptures brethren, and that’s why we have to prove all things, like we are commanded.  Chewing our spiritual food before we swallow, is just as important as chewing our physical food.  Swallowing a bone can cause serious injury or even death.  That’s why He warns us not to put our trust in men Jer. 17:5, Ps. 146:3, Ps. 4:5.

       Our God is a Creator, and He’s good at it.  Just look up at the physical creation alone to see the proof, like He tells us in Rom. 1:20.  Don’t think that The One who brings out the billions of stars at night “One by One”, and also “Names Them”” like we are told in Isa. 40:26, is having any trouble bringing His church, His ekklesia, His Body of believers on to perfection, BECAUSE THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT HE IS DOING!

       Do you think that He would gives us a command like: “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect”   If it were impossible for us to achieve?  It was impossible for the church in the wilderness to achieve perfection (to overcome) because they did not posses the power.  We have that power brethren.  The question is are we using it, or are we allowing the “leaders” of the many groups out there to quench that spirit that is within us, like they are so good at doing.  Let us not forget that old saying “If you don’t use it, your going to loose it” Matt.13:12.

       We are approaching the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our gathering together unto Him, and we beseech you brethren, that the falling away that must come first, has been in full force for a long time now.  And the man of sin, the son of perdition, the one who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshiped; who sitteth in the temple of God, is soon to be revealed 2 Ths. 2:1-4.  Once he is revealed brethren, those who did not want the love for the truth, (The King James says did not receive the love of the truth but the Greek here means to accept an offer) Those who did not want the love of the truth are going to be sent strong delusion by God.

       Truth is very valuable brethren and we in God’s church have access to it, to all of it.  But we have to want it; we have to accept the offer; we have to take the time to study, pray, fast, meditate and diligently seek our God, because He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him Heb. 11:6.

       Brethren, “When that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away” 1 Cor.13:10.  Paul is speaking about the church here, the brethren.  That word “perfect” here means fully mature in mental and moral character, Full-Grown, of full age.  It’s talking about one who has attained his moral end, the goal for which he was intended, namely, to be a man obedient to Christ and walking in the ways of the Father, just like Jesus, our chief corner stone walked.  Those who do not mature but are only in part, shall be done away.  And that time is very near.

       Our God, our Creator is about to complete His masterpiece.  Do we realize that brethren?  The Creator God is about to complete His masterpiece and bring the rest of His first fruits on to perfection, on to completion.  Do we realize that?  Or are we still too focused on the many physical men and their many false teachings to see what God is doing?

       Remember, when the disciples came to Jesus privately asking Him of the sign of His coming and of the end of the age, the very first thing that Jesus told them was “Take heed that no man deceive you.  For many men shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many” Matt. 24:4-5.  Those false Christ’s, those false leaders are not only out there deceiving the main stream churches of this world, but are also busy deceiving many within the church of God itself, and have been for a long time, Just like the Apostle Peter prophesied two thousand years ago 2 Pet. 2:1-2.  The Apostle Paul called them “Super-Apostles” teaching a different gospel, a different Jesus, possessing a different spirit and leading many brethren within the church of God astray even back then NIV 2 Cor. 11: 1-15.  The Apostle John spoke of them many times, and how they loved to have the preeminence 3 Jn.9-10.  But they cannot have it, because it already belongs to someone else, Jesus.

       Some in the church of God have taken that warning seriously.  Some separated themselves from the false teacher and false organizations of men years ago.  Some were kicked out and wrongly disfellowshipped, because they would not pledge their allegiance to any man but to God only.  And some are coming back.  But they’re not exactly coming back because they never really left in the first place.  Some kept their noses in their Bibles and their focus on the true Head of the church and are continuing this day to follow Him.

       There’s a spirit out there brethren that is bringing the true church of God together.  And it’s happening all over the world.  Oh, we may not recognize each other by face, but we can recognize each other by our actions, by our behavior.  Brethren, please read Matt 7:15-29 its as important to comprehend these particular verses concerning our spiritual lives as it is to know & applying the Heimlich Maneuver concerning one physical life when choking.

       The Scribes and Pharisees are still among us today brethren, still masquerading around as representatives of God.  And still holding to and teaching the commandments of men, making the word of God through none effect through their traditions Mk. 7:7.  Yes, they have caused much separation, confusion, and contempt in the church of God.   One minister recently made a pretty important comment.  He said: “Isn’t it amazing how someone like a Baptist can visit another Baptist church from a different area and be welcomed with open arms, but a member from one -church of God- wanting to visit another -church of God- cannot”.  Let us please comprehend the reason why brethren.  It’s because many of the men that are leading those “churches of God” are leading them astray, as they continuing to restrict and quench the spirit of God that needs to be flowing within us.  Classifying themselves more as a cult than a Christian organization.

       On the last night of His physical live, Jesus gave his disciples a new commandment.  He commanded them to love one another, as He had loved them.  And He said that all men shall know who His disciples are “IF” Yes “If”, they have love one to another Jn. 13:34-35.  Brethren, that love that we all need to have, that Agape Love that Jesus possessed and that He commanded all of us to have, has been quenched through much of the church of God for a long time, and it has been quenched by many church leaders.

       After traveling to E. Africa the first time in 2005 to see first hand the condition of our brethren living there, I was shocked and amazed to see the lack of love and concern that our brethren over there have been given.  Most of our brethren there were formally with the WWC.  Some go back to the Radio COG.  Yet I found half the brethren there with no Bibles and half the brethren there with no mosquito nets.  Many brethren including children were suffering from Malaria and other deadly ailments spread by the mosquitoes.  Many of our brethren were hungry for food, both physical food and spiritual food.

       Upon returning to the USA in January of 2006, we immediately started a charity called “Kenya Hands of Hope”.  We have been trying to spread the word throughout the many splinter groups of the churches of God for over two years now that our brethren over there are in need of our help.  But only a few true brethren, only a few true disciples of Jesus Christ have responded to our plea.  And not because there are no other true disciples out there, but because it is very hard to communicate with the brethren, very hard to get the word out when having to go through the many hierarchal man-made overlords who want to control the every move of the brethren in their group.  They will not work together with us, they will not even recognize us, just like Diotrephes refused the brethren in the Apostle John’s time 3 Jn. 9-10.

       In the latter part of 2007 election riots broke out in the Country of Kenya causing much death and destruction throughout the Country, and causing much hardship throughout all of E. Africa.  Many of our brethren over there were in the midst of it all and were pleading for help, as you can see and read on our church Website.  But only a few responded because only a few who had the proper hearts and the proper love could be reached with the call for help.  How many more of our brethren around the world are also in need of help as we approach the end of this evil age and the great wrath of Satan intensifies as his “short time” becomes ever so closer?

       Brethren, we need to be testing the spirit and stop allowing the false leaders to separate us 1Jn 4:6. We need to be mature, a healthy body of Christ, one that is working together in unity.  Different administrations yes, but of the same Spirit, same Lord and same God.  Different gifts yes, but gifts that have been given to each and every member of the body of Christ, by God Himself, and most importantly to profit withal. 1Cor. 12:4-7.  No member in the true church of God is any better or any more important than any other member, bar one Jesus The Christ.  And He Himself calls us His brethren.

       Now God provided much of the necessary needs of our brethren over there with the donations and offerings of the few who immediately responded to the plea for help.  I do not know of any of our brethren over there at this time that is sleeping without a mosquito net.  And Bibles in a number of different languages have been made available to all the brethren.  But there is more, much more that needs to be addressed at this time, because God has been busy opening up the eyes of others in that part of the world.  And please understand brethren that what God is doing in Kenya and Tanzania is part of what He is doing all around the world; He is bring all of His sheep into one fold.  Yes, His sheep are hearing His voice, and He is bring all of them into one fold, and with only one Shepard Jn. 10:16.

       We have been working with a number of previous members of the Seventh Day Adventist who are zealously searching for Biblical truth.  We are now meeting together on Sabbath’s and also conducting Bible studies with them.  One group lives in the second largest slum in Nairobi.  I visited them recently and will soon have some pictures posted on our Website.  Another group who have separated themselves from the SDA organization and are standing up for truth, are meeting near the City of Kissi.

       Many in E. Africa seem to be very receptive to the true Gospel at this time, and we are trying to walk through all the doors that God has opened.  But it will take a unified church to leap over all the hurdles.  The area around Kissi is currently in famine, as well as Eastern and Northern Kenya where the rains have failed.  Also, there was a scandal in the government circles that caused all the maize (corn) and flour to triple in price, so food is not only scarce but also very expensive.  Our brethren there are in need of our help.  All of this is toped by the fact that traveling around E. Africa is now more dangerous then ever.  But two very dedicated men, James Mutulu and George Ortara are doing just that, they are visiting all of our zealous brethren, bringing our widows much needed assistance, laying hands on those that are sick and troubled by evil spirits, and very powerfully preaching the good news of the coming Kingdom of God.  They need our prayers Jms. 5:16.

       Unlike many other church of God organizations, we are not trying to draw people to us.  We are trying to point people to God.  He is the One who created us, He is the One who called us, He is the One who can sustain us, protect us, teach us, and most importantly lead us.  We are only trying to work together in unity with other members of the true Body of Christ.

       My prayer is that other true members of the body of Christ will join in to help us walk through the many doors that are now opening up all over E. Africa.  We have already established a good form of communications amongst the different groups there, sending them sermons and letters via P.O. Boxes that we have opened, and also have supplied those in the remote area with cell phones.  All funds received go directly to help the brethren there.  And no one here or there is on any kind of payroll.

       Much of what we teach and much of what God has us doing over there is posted on our Website.  Please have a look, test our spirit, and please be sure to prove all things, holding fast to that which is good.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time with any questions.

       They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I will end with a photo of two of our beautiful children living in Tanzania.  Their father is a long time member of the church of God.  I met Martin two years ago when he was living with his family in a small two-room house that he was renting in the City.  At that time his family was literally beginning to starve because he had lost his job after refusing to work on the Sabbath.  They had no place to grow any crops for food to eat, and no work to earn his daily bread.  Fortunately, from donations to “Kenya Hands of Hope” from some of our brethren who had a heart and a desire to help, we were able to step in and move the family into the country where they now live on a small farm and are able to grow their food.  Yes, we have been able to help many of our brethren in many ways over there in that poverty stricken part of the world thanks to the Agape love that is flowing in some of our brethren, but as you can see in the picture below, much more needs to be done and much more can be done, if we would only work together in proper unity, the proper unity that can only come from having the right mind dwelling within us, the same exact mind that was in Christ Jesus our Elder Brother, Lord and Savior.