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From:      William P Goff <>
Sent:       Wednesday, May 5, 2017 7:15 AM
Subject:  Kenya Info

Greetings Brethren,

Hope everyone had a rewarding Passover and Feast of Unleavened Bread. Here in E. Africa the spring feast went quite well with numerous sites in both Kenya and Tanzania. There were 25 that took the Passover in Sengera at the orphanage, and 100 in attendance for the Night To Be Much Observed and First Day of Unleavened Bread. For the Last Day of Unleavened Bread we traveled to the Coast (Mombassa) and keep it with the Brethren at Shimba Hills. (the journey was a bit rough.) the road between Nairobi (the Capital of Kenya) and Mombasa is in terrible shape, half of it is unpaved and extremely rough, but we arrived safe and were warmly greeted by the Brethren. Also met with a man that we baptized five years ago at the FOT in Ukunda Kenya. He now has a congregation of 25 who meet together each Sabbath (under some trees.) I told them we will try to raise some funds for the construction of some shade for protection from the elements. As some of you know, KHOFH has funded the construction of a number of small mud or brick buildings, making it possible for our brethren to congregate every Sabbath, rain or shine.

First Day of Unleavened Bread Sengera

Traveling around this part of the world is always eventful. We found ourselves in the midst of another riot. This time while approaching Nairobi, there were rioters just ahead of us, blocking the traffic with piles of burning tires in the middle of the road. The cars directly in front of us were all stopping and quickly turning around in fear of having their vehicles being overturned and set on fire. But our driver seemed to be fearless and instead of turning around, he accelerated and drove directly through the rioters swerving around the burning tires. Once again, we passed directly through the rioters unharmed, thanking God for His protection. (And thanks to you who are always praying for our protection.)

The well we have been digging in Kenuchi, Kenya (Maasai Border Group) is now complete. It was a tough dig, hitting much stone about half way down. The total depth of the well is 45 feet. The brethren were so excited, and grateful to finally have water, that they had a celebration. Once again, thanks to you donors for continuing to assist our impoverished brethren, we were able to dig another well, and once again assisted the widows in that area with some much needed food. (It's another area under drought and famine conditions.)

This picture clearly shows the soils and stone
that was removed while digging the Kenuchi well.

In Sengera at the orphanage, the children have (all) returned to school after their winter break. Thanks to you donors, we were able to pay the school fees for all 14 of them.

During their time off from school they accomplish a few more projects at the orphanage. One was the masonry construction of a much needed clothes washing station. It's amazing how capable these boys are at working concrete. We didn't even have to calculate for them the amount of sand, stone and cement needed for the project, they did it all themselves.

The garden also continues to grow well, with maze, (corn) ground nut, (peanuts) beans, kale, okra, onions and more all doing well with favorable rain. The children really enjoy growing their own crops, and its so rewarding for them at harvest time. Once again we thank you donors who are making all of this possible for them.

Concerning donation receipts, I appreciate your patience and hope to have them out soon. Communication in Kenya continues to be quite difficult, with the network extremely slow and often times inaccessible.

Your brother in Christ,

Bill Goff
Director, Kenya Hands of Hope  (KHofH)

Clothes Washing Station Construction
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