**The following comments from our brethren were made during post-vote violence (and killing spree) after a disputed presidential election in 2007-08. 
Letters From Kenya About Their Urgent Needs
Yes, me and my family are fine, but we have gone through very difficult times since Sunday. On Sunday, I went to see my Mum who due to stress and some fear fell ill, she is over 75years now. On my way back that was in the evening, I met some very roudy youths, they were enquiring to know the identity of people, however, their main intension was to beat people up and steal from them, they realy roughed me up, took my phone, some money and my jacket, sustained some slight injuries when I fell, however, am ok.
Now, come monday and Tuesday, we were held hostages in our homes, the youths barrigaded all the passages in the estate and were looting at will, the police were chasing them but in vain, it was an exprience I have never seen in my life, for the two days we really lived in fear. These youths I would say were being used by Satan, they were doing things you may noy imagine. Today, things have cooled down, and here Iam in town writing this mail.
Now, the biggest problem that is eminent here is famine, over 50% of bussiness premisses have been destroyed, most people have lost their sources of income, lawlessness is very high, the available food comodies are now too costly, and they are likely to run out.
My plan now for my family is to look for some money to buy serials like maize and beans to stock. My request is that if you may have some few dollars no matter how little, you may send it down to us, we can do this to prepare ourselves for the worsed, however, what we need most is prayers for only God who is able to help us out of this. mess.
Since, I do not have a phone, am writing Mutulu an email to brief him on the situation down here.
Thank you
It is the worst situation I ever seen in kenya. People are dying like hens, there is a great hunger, the prizes of food and other materials have risen up. No fuel in the country, the properties of people are totaly destroyed, riots are there in every corner of luo land.

Please please pray for our country. My family is safe at now. I rung to Josh, he told me that he is safe in Nairobi.
How goes it with you tonight? Did you enjoy your sabbath?

Here we had it nicely and enjoyed the fellowship. Now, as I was going home after the sabbath, around 6.30pm, the minibus we were travelling in was hijacked by a group of boys who lead us into someforest and beat us after which they took our phones and all the money we had.

Now I dont have ma phone but I reported to the celtel that they may restore ma line. right now, am using that other Safaricom number with that other phone which is not clear-0712438239. I sustained some slight injuries in the left eye and also in the mouth but not very serious. The general situation in the country is worsening. The violence is spreading to new areas and advancing towards Nairobi.

It has now advanced to wthin 80 kilometers to Nairobi. And even in the town, it is not safe since this kind of hijacking are allover. We trust God for protection, as we also strive to learn according to his will.

Since I lost the phone on Sartuday, I have not been able to communicate with the brethren since they can't access me now. I hope they are all fine. How goes everything with you there? May I hope it is fine and peaceful.

Dangerous times are trully with us here.