Is There Life After Death?
Sermon by James Waema Mutulu

       Our brother in Christ, Moses Ochieng Opinde from Rakwaro Kenya passed away in October. (This was just before the current rioting there in Kenya, which started around December 25th 2007).

       We sent James Waema Mutulu there to officiate the burial.  Upon his return to Nairobi Mutulu reported that he had a safe and successful journey.  Here is part of his E-mail concerning the burial of Moses: “Hi, how are you? Am back in Nairobi after a successful and safe journey. We thank God for giving us favor in the sight of Moses’ family who welcomed us and kept us company to the end.

       The attendance was very good with approximately 500
people. We did give a message, titled, "Is There Life After Death?” which am right now sending to you; the message was received with great appreciation.

       After the function, the village elder rose up and challenged us wondering,” why have you been keeping this gospel with you, without sharing it with us? For years we have heard about this church, and seen a few of its members. But we have never known what you preach until today. It's a very relieving and hope-giving message”. So, he requested that we soon visit again, in a time when there will be no mourning and preach to them the
details of this gospel. It has attracted most of them. Now we have that burden and we should pray to God to open the doors for the mission.”    End of quote.

       Most of those in attendance at the funeral were Catholics & Protestants.  The people of Kenya are very receptive to Truth and there seems to be a wide open door for us (The church of God) to walk through and preach the Gospel of the coming Kingdom of God.  We have also been approached by the “Maasai” tribe in Kenya and have been working with them for a few Months now introducing them to the Holy Bible. 

       Yes, we are trying to boldly walk through those open doors.  We welcome anyone else in the Body Of Christ to proceed along with us through those open doors.  Some in the Churches of God have been told that the preaching of the Gospel to the World has already been accomplished, but that is not true.  In Mathew chapter 10 we read where the Apostles were instructed and sent to preach the Gospel.  Please note that in verse 23 they are told that they shall not have “gone over” the Cities of Israel till the Son of Man be come. 

       What Jesus is saying here is that they would not have “accomplished” or “completed” their mission before the Son of Man returns.  In other words, Jesus is saying that at His return, His disciples would still be working to fulfill their commission of preaching the Good News of the Coming Kingdom Of God to Israel.   Let us also remember that Israel was the name that was given to Jacob after he persisted in the struggle that he had with the Lord of the Old Testament, Jesus, at Jabbok, and the name Israel means “Overcomer” or “Ruling With God.”

       Mt: 10:23: But when they persecute you in this city, flee ye into another: for verily I say unto you, ye shall not have gone over the cities of Israel, till the Son of man be come.

       Please take the time to listed to the message that James Mululu presented to all those in attendance at the funeral of our brother Moses.  I hope that this message will encourage all of us in the Body of Christ, the church, to rekindle that spirit of ours to boldly want to preach the simple plain truth of the coming Kingdom of God.

       (And remember, this took place just before the rioting.  At that time it was relatively safe to move about from City to City in Kenya.  Now it is much more dangerous.  Also, please note that this recording was taken live, and one of our brothers there translated for those of the Luo tongue.  Mutulu is the man speaking in English.)